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Submersible Pump

Submersible Pump Dewatering Services

Submersible Pump

Specifications :

Power Rating: ranging from 0.5 horsepower (HP) to 5 HP or more

Head (Total Dynamic Head or TDH): The head refers to the maximum vertical distance the pump can lift water. Typically, it can be measured in meters or feet.

Discharge Capacity: typically measured in liters per minute (LPM) or cubic meters per hour (m³/h)

Voltage and Phase: single-phase (220-240V) or three-phase (380-415V)

Sanas Engineering is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality submersible pumps in Pune. Our pumps are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries and applications and are built to last.

A water pump that can be completely submerged in water or another liquid is called a submersible pump. Typically, it is employed to pump water from wells, storage containers, or other water sources. The pump has a waterproof electrical motor and is enclosed in a watertight shell.

Here are some key features and characteristics of submersible pumps:

It's crucial to choose the best submersible pump for your unique needs, taking into account elements like the required flow rate, head pressure (the vertical distance that water must be lifted), the type of liquid to be pumped, and any particular application requirements.
Sanas Engineering is dedicated to giving our customers the best submersible pumps available. We have the ideal pump for you, whether you need it for a large-scale industrial application or a small-scale household purpose. So why not contact us right now to learn more about our goods and services?

We are the leading provider and supplier of various Submersible Pump and service providers throughout India, including in Odisha, Telangana, Jharkhand, Bihar, Dhanbad, and West Bengal.