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solar water pump

Water Pump

Solar Water Pump

Technical Specificaiton :

Material Stainless Steel
Max Flow 1 - 12000 meq
DC Power 80watt - 30kw

Sanas Engineering is a leading provider of Solar water pump can supply water to locales which are beyond the reach of power lines. Generally, analogous places calculate on mortal or beast power or on diesel machines for their water force. Solar water pumps can replace the current pump systems and affect in both socio-profitable benefits as well as climate related benefits. The water supplied by the solar water pump can be used to wash crops, water beast or give potable drinking water.

A solar water pump system is principally an electrical pump system in which the electricity is handed by one or several Photo Voltaic( PV) panels.The water is constantly pumped from the ground or aqueduct into a storage tank that provides a staidness feed, so energy storage is not demanded for these systems

Benefits and Limitation

No energy cost as it uses free sun light

No conditions of conventional electricity and diesel energy

No demand of long transmission lines and no transmission losses

largely dependable and terrain friendly

Solar pump doesn't work in cloudy and foggy days

Water affair varies with the friction of the sun shine

Solar panels bear regular washing and cleaning as dust reduces the water affair