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Sea Water Pump

Water Pump

Sea Water Pump

Technical Specificaiton :

Max.Capacity 100-200 L/min
Material Cast Iron
Temperature +40 Centigrade
Size 29x35x39 cm

Sanas Engineering Providing Top-Quality Sea water pump. Sea water pump is used to transfer or circulate ocean water or tar water.

At Sanas Engineering, it's extensively used for colorful general service operations on board a marine vessel. And generally it's generally a centrifugal water pump. And also it's generally a citation material pump. At Sanas Engineering, we offer professional and efficient Sea Water Pump to meet our clients' needs.

sea water pumps have wide range of uses. It includes anything from cargo transfer to bilge pumping, and fire- fighting to sundeck washing. These marine ocean water pumps are windily used for cargo pump, marine cooling and bilge pump and so on. A seawater pump is thus needed to be fairly flexible in terms of its design. It's generally a kind of citation pump for sharp resistance.

At Sanas Engineering ,Sea water pump is sharp to the common cast iron or sword. So the characteristic for the sea water pump is the citation pump material. Generally the pump covering, cover, impeller and all citation. still it isn't popular than citation material pump.

Benefits of our sea water pump

Marine type approved by bracket societies, Lloyds, ABS and Bureau Veritas

Cast in citation for seawater at lower costs and hastily supereminent times than pristine sword

tone- priming models for operations with delicate suction conditions