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Ground Water Pump

Water Pump

Ground Water Pump

Technical Specificaiton :

Material Cast Iron
Protection IP44/IP54
Max.Capacity < 50 L/min

Sanas Engineering: Providing high quality groundwater pump.

The ground water pump and treat system can be used for drawing up defiled groundwater from dissolved chemicals, including artificial detergents, essence, and energy oil painting. occasionally, it makes further sense to pump the water out of the ground to treat it rather of edging in the oxidant into the sub surface.The treated water can also bere-injected back into the subsurface or simply discharged at the face depending on the original conditions.

The ground water pump and treat option can be a good choice for ozone- grounded oxidation processes, especially advanced oxidation processes. First, the ozone can be efficiently mixed with the water under controlled conditions at the face. redundant gas can be released without getting a possible source of blockage subsurface. also, pump and treat operations have the advantage of a simpler treatment terrain since it's limited to the water coming from the well.

Another advantage of working with Sanas Engineering is our commitment to safety with advanced oxidation, polluted water can be in intimate contact with hydroxyl revolutionaries allowing for effective response. In the subsurface, the oxidants have to travel to the adulterant. In the case of short- lived oxidants similar as hydroxyl revolutionaries, it's easier for the water with adulterant to travel versus the hydroxyl revolutionary. Eventually, UV grounded processes can be used alone or in confluence with ozone, peroxide, or ozone and peroxide and employed at the face where they aren't available subsurface.