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domestic water pump

Water Pump

Domestic Water Pump

Technical Specificaiton :

Material Cast Iron
Max.Head 30-50m
Protection IP44/IP54
Max.Capacity < 50 L/min

Sanas engineering offers Domestic water pump generally comprise a fresh water system for washing and drinking and a swab water system for aseptic purposes.

The compressed air provides the head or pressure to supply the water when needed. The Domestic water pump is started automatically by a pressure switch which operates as the water position falls to a predetermined position. The fresh water system has, in addition, a calorifier or heater which is hotted , generally with brume.

Fresh water supplied for drinking and culinary purposes must meet chastity standards specified by the Department of Transport. Water produced from utmost evaporator/ distillers won't meet these norms and must be treated to insure it's biologically pure and neutral or slightly alkaline.

Domestic water pumps are supplementary pumps which are used to increase or maintain pressure in a drinkable water system. supporter pumps are most generally used in systems where there's an inconsistent demand for water. When the demand is low, the supporter pump is on buttress. When the demand is high, the supporter pump is actuated and maintains the necessary water pressure to meet the recently increased demand.

At Sanas engineering, Are designed to maintain acceptable water pressure in"mid-rise" structures, low- pressure areas," high- rise" structures, and installations that have a high friction in water demand. supporter pressure systems are touched off to operate when the rate of water operation increases or the water force pressure drops below respectable levels. Circulation Pumps are used within standard plumbing systems to circulate thawed feasts, special liquids, and drinkable water.

Applications :

These pumps can be used for maintaining the supply of drinking water in a number of residential buildings. You can also use them for the circulation of water in different places and locations in your home.