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Diesel Water Pump

Water Pump

Diesel Water Pump

Technical Specificaiton :

Material Cast Iron
Dimensions(LxWxH mm) 640x480x700
Weight(kg) 69

Diesel water pump, Sanas engineering offer dependable and effective results for your water pumping requirements. Whether you are in husbandry, irrigation, mining, construction, or any other assiduity that requires water pumping, we've the perfect diesel water pump for you.

Sanas Engineering is a leading provider of diesel water pump.

A diesel water pump is a type of water pump that uses a diesel machine for power. It's used to transport water from one position to another for a variety of purposes including irrigation, dewatering, and firefighting. Diesel machine pumps are ideal for use when electricity is unapproachable or may be disintegrated.

The operation of a diesel water pump is straight forward. The water pump is powered by the diesel machine via a Pulley link or direct coupling. When the machine starts, it spins the pump's impeller, creating a vacuum that draws water in through the bay.

The impeller also forces water out of the pump and into the discharge pipe or sock, where it's directed to the asked position. The pump's capacity is determined by the size of the pump and the power of the diesel machine.

Diesel water pumps may include features similar as tone- priming, which allows the pump to start up without the need for homemade priming, and automatic arrestment, which prevents the machine from running dry and damaging the pump.


Powered by diesel machine, the strong and featherlight bones- cast aluminum, cast iron pump

delivers high volume of water.

- The largely effective mechanical seal with special carbon pottery give redundant continuity.

- The entire unit is defended by a sturdy rollover pipe frame.

Sprinkling for field irrigation.

Irrigation of paddy fields.

Orchard civilization.

Pumping water from wells.

Feeding or draining water on fish granges.

Washing cattle, barns or agrarian tools.

Feeding water into water budgets

Application :

Energy saving and terrain friendly.

- Superb artificer, strict quality control, insure dependable product.

-Low energy consumption.

-important affair big overloaded capacity.